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The increasing demand for lithium ion batteries requires suitable solutions for their transport and storage. Insurers impose strict requirements on the storage and transport of these batteries due to the increased number of damages caused by igniting batteries.

IONSafety Box is a Dutch company and we are well informed about the local legislation regarding the transport of ION lithium batteries. We expect that European guidlines will be drawn up for this in due course. Please check the current legislation for the storage of lithium ion batteries in the country of your residence and contact us to talk about the possibilities for you with our safe solutions.

The greatest chance of failure of a lithium-ion battery is caused by overheating(thermal runaway). This is caused by, for example: a production error, impact as result of a fall or collision, overcharging or a too high operating temperature. Click on the link below for an impression of the consequences of a thermal runaway.
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Extinguishing such a fire is extremely difficult. What starts as a relatively small fire quickly turns into a situation that cannot be controlled. Extinguishing with water is unwise and dangerous. Lithium fires generally react violently with water because highly flammable hydrogen gases and corrosive vapors such as lithium
oxide are formed. 
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ION Safety Box monitors your lithium-ion batteries remotely. Using a detection system combined with a fire extinguishing system produced in the Netherlands. it is possible to control the fire. Fire damage to people, the environment and other materials and equipment present in the room is limited for you.
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