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Modern traffic has changed a lot. Not only is it much busier on the road, the vehicles are also changing. In addition to the enormous increase in the percentage of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, we are also seeing hydrogen cars appearing more and more often. Therefore, the number of accidents involving these vehicles and the associated risks will increase.


The safe and fasthandling of an accident involving an electric or hybrid vehicle entails additional risks. These vehicles are equipped with Lithium-ion batteries and may therefore pose a fire hazard immediately or in the coming days. It has already happened that an electric vehicle caught fire a few days after the accident. This is a major concern for emergency workers such as fire brigades and salvage companies.

After an accident, the public road must be cleared as soon as possible. When a report of an accident arrives at the salvage company, they know what to do. But what if an electric vehicle is involved? In that case, it is extremely important that the vehicle
is safely removed from the road as soon as possible. Is the salvage company prepared for this?

IONSafety Box has developed a container with all the facilities on board for the safe and quick recovery of an electric or hydrogen vehicle. The base is a standard 20 ft. container or a sidedoor 20 ft. container with modifications to the body. A tilting frame with a platform is fitted in the container. The platform slides out of the container and the vehicle to be salvaged can be pulled onto the platform by means of a sliding winch. The vehicle is then attached to the platform. The salvage company can retract the platform with vehicle into the container by remote control. The fire protection system is armed from the outside when the doors are closed.

The container is a standard 20ft container and can therefore be moved in a "traditional way". The container stands on a hook-lift carriage and can be placed on the truck with the aid of a hook lift. This fast and reliable method is usually sufficient.

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