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The aerosol (extinguishing agent) in Aerosol Fire Extinguishers and Fire Extinguishing Systems fights and extinguishes fire by stopping the combustion reaction on a molecular basis (by binding free radicals) without affecting the oxygen content. This is extinguishing on a molecular level. In conventional systems, an element is removed from the fire triangle. The extinguishing effect of the af-x systems is more intelligent. In fact, underlying a fire triangle is a fire pentagon. The mixing ratios and catalysis also play an important role. At the molecular level, fire is nothing more than a chemical reaction. Unstable molecules float around within that chemical reaction. These unstable molecules are also called free radicals. When the af-x extinguishing systems are activated, the aerosol mist directly combines with these free radicals. The aerosol in turn provides stable molecular compounds. In this way the fire is blocked in the very first stage without cold shocks, without water and without oxygen expulsion.
The systems of af-xfire solutions are suitable for extinguishing fires in fire classes A, B, C and F. Moreover, the af-x fire solutions systems are extremely suitable for the protection of electrical installations up to 75,000 Volt.

The first tests with condensed aerosol as a lithium-ion extinguishing agent show that if the room remains closed, the aerosol controls the fire. The fire is checked and the emergency services can be alerted to take over the calamity. The result of extinguishing with aerosol is a rapid decrease in the temperature in the room with the lithium fire. During the test, the temperature dropped from almost 1000 degrees Celsius to 80 degrees Celsius in a short time.

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